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BiHiKu7 - A Technical LCOE Analysis of 210mm-cell Modules on Trackers (Australia)
How 210mm-cell modules bring down LCOE in comparison with 166mm cell and 182mm cell products.

As of 2021, different module formats and sizes are available in the market. Canadian Solar has products with cells of 166, 182 and 210mm.
Canadian Solar’s HiKu7 and BiHiKu7 are high power and efficiency modules with up to 665 W, the highest wattage level in the market. They are designed to reduce the LCOE for solar plants and set the stage for global grid parity. In this Webinar we will focus on the advantages of BiHiKu7 and provide technical details on LCOE calculations.
We will show you how typical utility-scale projects on trackers will benefit from modules of 210mm cells, and which aspects of your plant could make you choose one module type or another one. We will go down to specific costs for each equipment piece and work step that is different for each technology to give you an unprecedented insight in the system cost calculation.
HiKu7 and BiHiKu7 are compatible with mainstream trackers. We are pleased that an expert from Array Technologies will join our webinar to share insights about the innovative DuraTrack single-axis tracker technology and their compatibility with BiHiKu7.


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